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Who We Are

​Founded by Harvey Nowak-Green, HNG Creative work across multiple genres of TV, providing broadcast lighting design at our core. This, combined with control system integration, programming, and drawing packages enable us to offer a full service from conception to completion, tailored to the unique requirements of each production. We collaborate closely with a team of skilled professionals including programmers, gaffers, and draftsmen, in order to provide this and take great pride in the high quality of our work.

Harvey Nowak - Green

Harvey developed a passion for lighting at an early age, starting out initially in theatre before training at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, graduating with a degree in lighting design. Over subsequent years, this foundation as a lighting designer in theatre enabled him to morph his work into lighting for TV and multi-camera broadcast, fully leveraging his pervious experience to its full advantage.


As a result, with a skillset combined from multiple connected, yet very different lighting industries, Harvey is able to blend his experience in theatre, film, and TV, creating fresh and innovative ideas throughout. This he feels cumulates in designs that originate first and foremost from the love of light as a powerful tool to evoke emotion, enhance performance spaces and elevate any show far beyond the primary task of illumination.


The word 'light' itself was actually Harvey's first word. He feels that whilst this is largely irrelevant, it is still quite a fun fact and those he maintains a close working relationship with are reminded of it regularly.

Selected Clients

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